Take an active
role in your sleep apnea therapy*

SleepMapper is a mobile and web-based system designed to help OSA patients enhance their sleep therapy experience.

  • See your sleep therapy results quickly and easily
  • Watch videos and guides about sleep apnea and your Philips Respironics sleep therapy equipment
  • Have the information you need to know more about your therapy

* SleepMapper is available currently in the U.S., Canada and certain international locations.
Click here to see which CPAP and BiPAP devices are compatible with SleepMapper.

Check out the SleepMapper infographic

Could you
benefit from using SleepMapper?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then SleepMapper can play an important role in your sleep therapy management.

Do you have:

  • An interest in seeing your sleep apnea
    therapy results?
  • A desire to learn more about sleep apnea and understand how your therapy equipment works?
  • A Philips Respironics System One sleep
    therapy device*?
  • A home computer that can download an SD card and has high-speed Internet connection?
  • A compatible* smartphone or tablet device?
*Certain specifications are required.
SleepMapper.com – Supported Browser Versions: Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer; Firefox; Google Chrome; Safari
SleepMapper.com – Operating Systems Supported Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Mac OS X that supports Java JRE 1.7
SleepMapper Mobile App – iOS 6 or newer; Android 2.2 or newer